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  • With changing weather, please be aware of changing allergies, hot spots, watery eyes, or cuts on the pads of their feet.

  • Featured News
  • Here in New York, we are still fighting the battle to keep ear cropping and tail docking legal. Whether you opt for the surgery for your Doberman is a personal decision. BUT, the ability to have that choice should be there for you, and too many dogs will suffer unsafe surgeries if it is made illegeal. Visit the AKC website for full details and information.

Tory-Rei Dobermans

Tash & Tory

Your next best friend is waiting!

Welcome to Tory-Rei Kennels, breeder of quality Doberman Pinschers. Tory was the inspiration for our love of the breed. His legacy lives on as we continue to improve our lines through research and health testing. Let us help teach you about these impressive dogs and how to care for them through our knowledge and experience.

New litters when interest is suitable.

We acknowledge the inconsistent economy that we are facing, and refuse to over breed. Applications and deposits are being taken now, so check out the Litters section for more info and to fill out a Puppy Application..

1 Year Birthday Party!

Then and Now Photos from Lucy's litters


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